A Visit to Mt. Vernon Quilters Guild

I’m out on the East Coast and one morning.  This past Tuesday,  I met Rhonda, a friend and quilter from the DC area, for brunch.  Afterwards we headed down to my old quilt guild for their first meeting of the year.It’s the Mount Vernon chapter of Quilters Unlimited of Virginia, which is a consortium of 11 different chapters like ours.  We’re the smallest, however.  Bert G. had written to me last year and asked me for a copy of my photo of Mt. Vernon, which she then used in the centerpiece of a new banner.  It was fun to see the completed article.  (The other squares were made by other quilters.)

There were several women there I recognized and it was fun to know that they recognized me.  I was known as the “one who gave us the blog.”  I had been there a year, fell in love with this little guild, and was asked by the President if I would consider being Newsletter Editor.  I told her I was moving home to California, however, after our yearlong sabbatical in DC.  She jokingly said I could still be Newsletter Editor.  I then said I’d do it, if I could create a blog for the guild and switch everyone over to a digital newsletter (we still had 8 women who received a hard copy, and someone local–Rhonda–took care of that for me).

So, our blog was born.  I did it a second year, but then passed it on.  I’m happy that they still like the blog format, and one quilter said that she did–and that all the other chapters were jealous!  We laughed, and I really enjoyed myself there.  It’s good to have quilter friends, and good to belong to a guild.  I really should join one in California–I’m just afraid that none will measure up.

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