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Quilts with Attitude

“Does Not Compute,” by Boo Davis

I was doing the mind-numbing thing of sitting at the computer, surfing along after another long week in the classroom.  I stumbled onto a slide show in the New York Times about Quilts with an Attitude.  It’s about Boo Davis, who has just put out a book (Dare to Be Square Quilting) about her quilts: part goth, part old-timey piecing.  As an old quilter, it’s fun when New Young Quilters come on the scene, although I must admit to some amusement when they “appear” to have discovered anew what I’ve been doing for years and years.  Like from when I was a New Young Quilter and discovering anew the art of patchwork and piecework.  Click *here* for the slide show, but here’s a notable quote:

Ms. Davis says she gets upset when she sees quilts and patchwork sold on the Web for “next to nothing.” She believes that “It’s an artistic labor of love that deserves respect.”


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