Mimi Kirchner’s Dolls

Sometimes when the creative juices have just run dry, or I can’t get to my own creating, I enjoy visiting the blogs of artists who are good at what they do (probably from long hours of practice) and seem to have fresh ideas for me to enjoy.

One of those artists is Mimi Kirchner, who I’ve written about before, but to be sure, I can’t find the post.  I found her some time ago, and was fascinated by her “art history,” as she calls it, when her pottery studio burned to the ground and she went a completely different direction.  This morning’s post showed this new doll of hers all done up in a Heather Ross double gauze pinafore, striped stockings, turquoise shirt and a little wee crown, for she is the Frog Princess.  Mimi knows just how to combine the usual with the unusual that always makes studying her dolls an adventure and a lesson in creativity.