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I love this photo of the wall of mini-quilts from the book just out from Whip-Up, apparently full of great ideas for mini-quilts.

I have my own mini-quilt wall, but not all mine are up (add another thing to the list).  I pushed them up with thumbtacks in a little unused corner of our hallway cupboards (hence, the crookedness) but I enjoy looking at them as I pass by. The one on the left is from a fractured landscapes class I took from Katie Pasquini Masopust some years ago in Houston, and the one in the center is from a Laura Waskilowski fusing class.  When I used to take classes from the pros I felt the need to make large–BIG–quilts incorporating their techniques. Then at some point I wised up, and made mini-quilts.  I learned what they were teaching, and had a “sample” of the technique.  I could then decide if I wanted to go on to a bigger quilt, or if the small one was enough.  Less fabric to carry to class, and I usually finished the sample that day, instead of adding another UFO to the stack in my sewing closet.  Win-win, in my book.

The mini quilt on the right is from Peru and is called an arpillera.  We almost bought one in a shop in San Francisco (I had to look through all of them!) but the prices were a bit dear, so my husband found some online for me to choose from and I got it there.

And on a somewhat related note. . . Candy Bars!

I bit, and bought.

They have a little booklet of ideas in the bottom of the box–I see another possible mini-quilt for my wall.

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