Thursday’s Randoming

Cindy says I need to have Random Things on my Random Post. Okay, here goes.

Student Brain DiagramWhile this is a diagram of a student brain, a Teacher Brain could be similar except: where it says “take exam” it would be “write exam,” “study mode” would be “prep mode” and “think about studying” would be “avoid grading.”

BrainFull of Stuff

But this is Teacher Brain During Summer.

Frazz More Things Than HoursIt’s nice not to feel impacted all the time, as illustrated by this cartoon of Jef Mallett’s.  I read Frazz every morning to get my day started.  Yesterday I went up to school (I teach at a community college) and attended the Transfer Center’s luncheon honoring students who leave the confines of our 2-year college and head up to the Big U.  Today I’ll be attending a retirement luncheon for a woman who has really helped my non-native English speakers throughout my time here.  That’s how it rolls at the end of the semester.

I'llNameItWhatIWantTo Quilt v1

I started working on this quilt and got myself involved in a Whole Lotta’ Drama.  Follow-up story coming Monday.


I’ve been listening to Life After Life while I sew.  This is one interesting book, where the main character keeps dying and come back to life in her same life.  I can hardly wait to get upstairs to the sewing room, pick up a project and start listening.

Art Quilts in a Row

Coming to the end of the school year means taking a breath and doing the little things that you couldn’t get to because you were hurtling from one grading session to the next.  This morning my husband helped me hang all my little Art Quilts in a row over my sewing room window.


Outside my window the Carrotwood Tree is filled with flitting Western Tanagers, yellow with black wings and brilliant orange heads.  They move quickly from branch to branch, eating the yellow berries from my tree.  I’m not a bird photographer, so this photo is from *here.*  They provide quite the show.

Embracing the Journey

Detail of the woman over my sewing desk: Embracing the Journey.  Today is the last day of class, and it’s been a nice journey but Now It’s Time to Go.


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