Quilting Resource–Judy Martin

With all the modern quilts flooding the blogosphere, it’s good to remember some of the more traditional quilters that have been around for a long time.  Judy Martin is one of those.  I’ve frequented her site over the years, because she always has a free block of the month, or quilt of the month for us to download.

So while I may say “traditional” I think this one–Posts and Rails, the block and quilt that are up there now–read very modern.  She also has a list of her patterns that takes up 28 pages, and has one of my current favorites: Cloak and Dagger, which I saw in a Roberta Horton book.  From Judy’s list, I found out which book it was in, hopped on Amazon (it’s way out of print) and was able to pick it up so I can have the pattern.

I have several of Judy Martin’s books (she has a publishing company) and they always have great designs, which are drawn in full color.  She also has many quilts for sale for very reasonable prices, if you are interested in that.

Here’s one called Big Sky Log Cabin, and she made it by leaving off the last two logs of a Log Cabin block.  Click *here* for more information.  I think this also fits into the modern quilt sensibility, if that’s your bend.  I also think of her as a master of stars and star combinations, which I love.  Even though I have not ever made a completely “Judy Martin” quilt, I have used her block ideas in swaps and in sampler quilts.  She’s another one of those masters in the quilt world who I have learned from.