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A long long time ago, back when little girls wore Mary Jane shoes and babies wore white high-top leather lace-ups, and Easter hats were required when wearing dotted swiss voile dresses, there were four little girls.  This story is about the two youngest: me (the baby girl) and my sister Susan, (standing next to me).

My two older sisters were, well–older, which meant that Susan and I were left to our own devices, desperately seeking to be older ourselves, to crack that inner circle of mystery and intrigue that belongs to older women.  Even if they were four and six at the time.

New Journeys

Fast forward about 55 years.  And to a 60th birthday for my sister Susan.  I thought it was quilt-worthy, to finally obtain that title of Older Woman, but not in the feeble, grandma-hunched-over sort of Older Woman.  More like the energetic, full-professor, world traveler, amazing knitter sort.  And my sister Susan is all of those.

So I made her a quilt with the block pattern of Crossed Canoes, because it holds many meanings for her.  Not only has she canoed/portaged/survived the Boundary Waters of Minnesota multiple times, she is a steadying sort for her husband as he faces a battle for newly-diagnosed cancer.  I titled it New Journeys, because at age 60, she is heading into a new kind of boundary waters, slipping into a different kind of journey at her age of exploring new horizons, managing new experiences, and always, learning to read the surroundings for how to thrive.  She will excel at that last one, as she always has.

I told my sister Cynthia–that next little girl up the line in her Easter dress–that I was making Susan a quilt, and did she want to contribute?  She did and I was glad, for then this quilt can be a hug from both of us in days to come. Bon Voyage and Happy Birthday!

New Journeys, back

Here’s the block.  It’s not to scale, but supposedly the PDF file is (click here: Crossed Canoe 10).  I chose to make my canoes a little wider than longer, as I wanted to showcase the French General fabrics (plus a few others from my stash).  My block measures 10″ square and the quilt is a nice “hug” or lap quilt size.  I hope Susan gets many hugs from it!

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