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Primula Ballerina • Quilt Finish

A hymn sung in our church begins with “Earth, with her ten-thousand flowers” and ends with the sentiment that all these things of nature “Have one chorus: God is love.” This was reinforced to me when I went hunting for a title for this quilt (not wanting to borrow from the original pattern — more info here), and fell down into a fun rabbit hole of internet blossoms.

In the end a ruffled primrose caught my eye, with a trademarked name of Prima Belarina. Not wanting to run afoul of the trademark police, I decided to call this Primula Ballerina, primula being the botanical name for Primrose, and the ruffles on that new flower resembling the tutu of a dancing ballerina.


I quilted it on my Sweet Sixteen Handiquilter; this size is a fun amount of quilting for one SoCal quilter (me). Label mock-up:

And…that’s about all for today. I did have a profound post on the similarities/differences between our tools as quilters and the tools I see everyday in my under-construction kitchen, but that will have to wait. So will the post about Distraction (inability to concentrate when there is fascinating stuff doing on the house), the post about Best Uses of Doom-scrolling Instagram (really, there are none except seeing all your pretty quilts), as well a potential post on Guilt About Falling Behind in Most Areas of My Life.

Likewise the post about Cooking with Cars, or the bit about Choosing a Particular color of Blue Paint in the changing seasonal light have to wait, too. Something for you to look forward to, I guess. But I will leave you with photos.

(That center sure is a flashy little thing, isn’t it?)

Go smell 10,000 spring flowers!

11 thoughts on “Primula Ballerina • Quilt Finish

  1. It is so so pretty!

    It has been fun to see the random flowers coming up in my yard – it’s my first spring here so everything is a surprise! A couple, random little clumps of tulips and daffodils, and a big bunch of peonies! I hear the deer dislike them, so we will see!

  2. The center is indeed bright and flashy; just the thing to attract the people (pollinators). Lovely detail quilting and fun to see Primula Ballerina in your kitchen. What color thread did you use for the quilting – the same in all sections?

    Lighting does make a huge difference on how colors read. My favorite paint color is a Behr paint called “Infinity and Beyond”. It’s a bright blue in the sunlight and makes a deep, rich cave at night. I refrained from anything but white in our small Hawaiian cottage (512 square feed did not need to feel like a cave), and I’ve yet to decide if I’ll repaint the bedroom walls here. Good luck finding just the right blue for you!

  3. This quilt is just beautiful. Good luck on finding just the right shade of blue. I konw you can do it!

  4. Beautiful quilt, Elizabeth, and a perfect name! I look forward to all those upcoming topics in your posts and fully understand (and appreciate!) that composing them takes time and energy which is sometimes there and sometimes not 😊.

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