My Small World, redux


It’s not often I get to have a re-do on Quilts-I-Once-Started-But-Abandoned, but there’s a fresh breeze in the air this fall, with another go-round of Jen Kingwell’s My Small World quilt.  Paula James (@the_secret_sewer) and Nicola Kelly (@nicola_picola_) have joined forces under the IG banner of #mysmallworldsewcial on Instagram, getting us started and keeping us going until we all finish, some nine months later.  The experts all say that we’ll agree to anything that has a finish date in the future because we think we have all the time in the world in the future.  This proves it.

I love Paul’s opening line in her recent post: “Over 60 awesome quilting friends have foolishly offered to join Nicola and me in a special sewalong to create our very own #mysmallworldquilt by genius @jenkingwell.”

And Nicola writes: “The fabulous Paula and I were beyond inspired by Jen Kingwell’s #mysmallworldquilt at last weekend’s retreat that we decided to make one in our inimitable style! 😂. If you would like to join us in a friendly, motivational and slightly bonkers sew along we’d LOVE to have you onboard….Thank you for the phenomenal response already to Paula’s post last night and let me know below if you’ve reconsidered your WIP pile and fancy another little addition.”

These are my kind of leaders.

I dug in the boxes at the bottom of the heap, to drag out this woe-be-gotten piece of piecing, folded up some four years ago (that’s 1460 days, if you are counting) and set aside.  The last post I can find says something like “My Small World, June 2015 edition,” like there was going to be something else after that.

messy ironing board 2019.jpg

I’d made a copy of the pattern from my Quilt Mania Special Issue Spring 2015 (which isn’t for sale anymore), and made all my errata and corrections on this, so I’m somewhat ahead of the game.  I guess.  And there was an earlier sew-a-long; see my Posts for Reference, below.  The IG at that time was #mysmallworldqal and it can be helpful to look at that feed for ideas.

I also have a bazillion 1 1/2″ squares of ivory-colored sky cut up.  When I saw this in a comment on the #mysmallworldsewcial feed, I had to laugh:mysmallworld2019_2.png

You can purchase the pattern at Jen Kingwell’s Shop, Amitie, if you want the booklet, but you can also find some online, if you do a search.  So, get out your orphaned Small World and get back in the game!!  Below are screenshots from their feed, reminding me of what I need to get done by what date:

IG sewalong SMall World


Other Posts For Reference
VeryKerryBerry — Kerry ran an IG sew-a-long in 2015.  On this post she has info about each section, links to Errata (Corrections) if you have the magazine pattern, and tips and tricks.  Very helpful.  [Warning: Any link back to QuiltMania does not work.  I think after a year, they relinquish rights and responsibilities back to the pattern writer.]
Patchwork ‘n’ Play — Susan’s Melbourne Town, where I found out that Jen Kingwell based this quilt on the artwork of Mary Blair, a Disney artist.
Live A Colorful Life — Cindy’s My Small World: The Disney Version
Wendy’s Quilts and More — Wendy writes about re-starting a stalled Small World
Another post from Wendy with more tips

11 thoughts on “My Small World, redux

  1. oooolala…I have to get my pattern and fabrics out again!!! I put mine away too for some reason (procrastination being the chief one….) – hopefully this will get me jump started again to work on this lovely quilt! Thanks for the push!!!

  2. Yay for you to pick this up again! If I recall, you’re the person who inspired me to make mine. I sure appreciate this post because you’ve gone above and beyond to make me feeling smug about finishing My Small World a couple years ago. I admire it in the entryway wall every day. You’re the kind of quilty friend everyone needs! Hugs.

  3. The book version and magazine version have one very different feature. Book has only 1 1/2” squares for sky, while magazine also uses larger squares mixed in with small squares. Magazine also has a whole section missing so you must get updates.
    The paperpiecing extras online are very valuable.
    Loved make no mine. I actually finished it. Anxious to see everyone’s progress. I had a time limit to finish mine. I was having thumb surgery and knew I couldn’t sew for months so I had to finish it.

  4. Wishing you luck. As for me, never finishing is precisely why I usually don’t do QALs. I have a hard enough time finishing my own projects.

  5. Thanks for posting this, Elizabeth. I, too, started MSW a few years back and then it got on the back burner while life got in the way. I’m going to do some more on it during this QAL – don’t know if I can keep up with two little ones to babysit, but some progress is sure to be made. Like how you made a section – may do that to make me feel as if I’ve accomplished something, and a good way to tackle that sky. You’re a genius.

  6. I’ll admire mine on my sewing room wall while the sew along gets going again, almost 4 years to the day after I finished it. But I’ll also be cheering you along Elizabeth! I know you can do it and I also know yours will be fabulous . Good luck and shoutout if you need advice, encouragement or a kick up the b**t to keep going! 😃

  7. That time in the future seems to be shrinking exponentially. There are only 105 days until Christmas. Right now I think this is something I will probably never make. But I looked at “Live A Colorful Life — Cindy’s My Small World: The Disney Version” and now I am thinking it might happen. Maybe someday…if the future would cooperate. 🙂

  8. I saw some of Mary Blair’s artwork this weekend at the Hilbert Museum in Orange. I wondered if I’d missed your “My Small World”. I’m sure your finish will be spectacular. I don’t think I’m ready to be challenged again by 1 1/2″ pieces quite yet. But I am tempted.

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