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Frivols Finish #11, the Penultimate!

Are we done yet? (not yet)
Frivols 11_11b
The Cactus Garden photo

And here we are–almost completed with the Year of Making Frivols, with quilt #11, titled, Stars of Night, Lend their Light (quilt #213).  It’s the largest Frivols yet, finishing at about 55″ square. And yes–it used up all the fabric.  I supplemented it with white Grunge Dots from Moda.


Look at those Xs!  And we’re done early this month!!

Frivols 11_10
The Quilting-in-Process photo

After pinning up the quilt, I knew I wanted to do star points in the stars, but what about the background?  I decided to experiement, making a circle, then stitching around it three times, then echoing it and rolling off into another center circle. Headphones are for listening to a Bruno, Chief of Police book; this time it was The Resistance Man.

Frivols 11_10a
The How-Much-More-Do-I-Have-To-Quilt photo
Frivols 11_11
The Biological Sciences Building photo

Realizing that all my quilt pictures are around my house, and in my garden, I took it over to the Universide of California-Riverside, where my husband-quilt holder works as a professor, jumped out the car and we quickly took several photos while I was in the Passenger Pick-up Zone.  The motto for UCR (how we abbreviate it) is Fiat Lux, or Let There Be Light, so I springboarded off that idea to arrive at the title for this quilt.

Frivols 11_11a
The sort-of Sea-Urchin-in-the-Tide-Pools photo, even though it’s a quilt with stars

I really really like the back, with those pointy stars floating among all those bubbly circles.

Frivols 11_11ba
The Bubbles photo
Frivols 11_11c
The one-more-back-shot-on-the-other-side-of-the-sidewalk photo
Frivols 11_11d
The Artsy Laying-on-the-Ground photo
Frivols 11_12
The Back of the Chevy photo

Because I wanted the setting sun to provide the light, it also meant that our streets were clogged with traffic, spilling off the freeways (welcome to Southern California).  So in meandering home, I spotted this perfectly turquoise Chevrolet pick up: perfect place for a quilt photo.  It’s fun to step out of the garden and get some different photos of quilts.

Frivols 11_13
The just-one-little-garden-snapshot photo
Frivols 11_13a
The Check Out my Quilting on the Border photo

Hope you’ve enjoyed the quilt show of the penulitmate Frivols quilt!

23 thoughts on “Frivols Finish #11, the Penultimate!

  1. This is, I think, the best one yet! I love your quilting on it the most and then there’s the old Chevy pickup truck!!!! Excellent job and so glad to see you’re still spending time with Bruno 🙂

  2. I do love the pick-up truck backdrop and the circles are fabulous!
    Really nice Frivols tin #11, what a year of beautiful quilts and quilting.
    Can’t wait for the finale!

  3. This is another beauty. I really like how you did the quilting on this one. The photo on the truck is really fabulous. 11 down with only one to go…..what are we doing next year?

  4. Gosh your quilting is just gorgeous. I love the urchin in the waves lol. The circle dot quilting looks like rain to me. Mmmmmm.

  5. Only one more to go. #12. How do you feel? It’s been a very nice way to count down the year. And fun to look back at the others to compare. I agree, the bubbles make this one so fun! 🙂

  6. Yeah for another one down!!! Love the texture those circles create too. I envy your free motion quilting mojo.

  7. Wow, the quilting has a great 3D quilt quality and the variety of motifs adds tremendous texture. What an interesting journey these Frivols posts have been!

  8. My goodness! This is the best Frivols yet, Elizabeth! I absolutely adore how you quilted it. Those triple circles are wonderful, and give so much texture. Great photos too, particularly the one on the aqua truck. It looks like the truck was really clean! I think that a 55″ X 55″ quilt is good to actually use, so are you keeping it, or giving it away? It’s really a nice one, for sure.

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