Finish-A-Long — First Quarter

The basic idea here is to confess to the world at large all the projects you have on your To Do list.  I think this is a great idea because I love embarrassing myself to all my blog friends about how I have what Leanne calls “start-i-tis,” or the ability to bite off more than I can chew, quilt-wise.  In this I know I’m not alone, because I am joining in Leanne’s Finish-A-Long, in order to catch myself some “finish-itis.”

Here’s some that I’m considering trying to finish up this quarter:


My Autumn Quilt.
Downton Abbey is tonight and I think I can finish up the binding–then figure out the label and add it to my 200 Quilts list.


Wonky Star pillow shams/Wonky Quilt
The quilt is at the quilter’s–should be done in a month, and I have to finish up the construction and quilting of the shams.

EPP All Seven

English Paper Piecing
I’m putting this on the FAL list, but frankly, finishing it is a fantasy.  Perhaps it’s good to trot out those Pie-in-the-Sky projects just to keep them in the front of my mind. The flowery fabric is my guest room bedspread, not part of the quilt.


Summer Treat
Can I please finish this?  Please, please, please? If I wait until June, it will be one year.  It’s pinned, sitting there, awaiting quilting.  I even have the binding picked out.

Full Nine Blocks

Lollypop Tree Quilt
This is lurking somewhere in the realm of Yessiree-I-can-finish-this, and Fantasy. I first saw this on Material Obsession’s website, then lurked on the Kim McClean blog for months before I got the nerve to start it.  My friend Rhonda said we should do it together, and I agree, but she’s forging on to new and interesting territory, while I feel honor-bound to finish this up.  (No. She hasn’t started hers yet–smarty!)  I was smart enough to shrink it down to 9 blocks from the original 16 blocks that the pattern called for.  And yes, the borders are full of little dinky, wonderful flowers, too, along with a snazillion little square blocks for the sashing.

And last. . .


Here’s another wonky project that I need to finish; I call it my Snowman Quilt and it’s two years overdue now.  If you count when I started collecting the fabric, it’s been eight years.  Pathetic, I think.  Let’s just face it.  Wonky blocks and I are NOT friends.

FinishALong Button

I still have others, but these are the worst offenders — perennial wallflowers, so so speak — hanging around when I wish they would sprout wings and fly.  Maybe with the help of the Finish-A-Long, they will.

9 thoughts on “Finish-A-Long — First Quarter

  1. Wonderful to see you in the FAL! I love all your projects but especially Summer Treat. I am hoping to see a bunch of these finished this quarter.

  2. I found your blog and am loving your wonderful sense of humor (life is hysterical if you just pay attention) and all the great pictures of your Portland trip and all the projects you are working on, AND FINISHING! I am way way a ways away in Central Florida, so I’m jealous of those way cool stores you showed, since they’re nowhere near enough for me to visit! Thank you for posting such wonderful stuff!!

  3. Love that lollypop tree quilt. We can cheer each other on for the finish along. Glad I found your blog and signed up. Im part of the mid century bee too : )

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