Almost 100 Followers Giveaway

Just to keep my perspective about all this, when I announced I had 95 followers and was almost to 100, I lost one. 

I graduated with my first degree in Clothing, Textiles and Clothing Construction and my second and third degrees in writing.  So I’m very well versed in all the cliche-ridden angst about trying to write and trying to keep a perspective on why I write, and I think a lot of all that can apply over here, to writing about quilts.

Some bloggers write to build a business.  Since I have nothing to sell, that won’t work very well for me.  Some bloggers write to build a constituency, a community.  I’m sort of in that group and have many rewarding pen-pal/blog-pal/IG-pal friendships because of that.  Some blog to share, not only their work but to contribute to the greater quilt world that’s out there.  I’m definitely in that group.  Others blog to celebrate. But it’s not Neener-Neener sort of celebrating, but more like “Can you believe I actually finished this?” style.  Or at least that’s what I believe.

Whatever the reason, I just want to celebrate my community with a giveaway of black and white fabrics.  I have two identical sets of six fat quarters.  The prints are along quilty-themed lines, purchased at my local quilt shop.  Anyone, including my followers and readers, can can win one of them.  Just leave a comment below.

My followers (and loyal followers through their blogger readers) can have a chance to win the other stack.  Leave me a comment telling me how you follow me–through the WordPress software (this blog) or via Blogger’s RSS Reader. Followers and readers can have a chance to win twice, if they want to, because I’ll enter them in both.

Some of you, I know, just have too much fabric and say you’ll sit this out.  If you don’t want to enter, go see your doctor.  You are really suffering and need some medical help — or chocolate — fast.

I’ll leave you with this quilt, found on Fun with Barb and Mary’s blog

Detail.  Now leave me a comment and win one of these stacks.  I’ll take your names to my quilt group this Friday night and have them draw a name to win.  I’ll post the winner on the blog Saturday morning.  Thanks, everyone, for being such a fun group of quilting friends!

~~~~~~~Giveaway Now Closed~~~~~~~~

~~~Check back Saturday morning for the winners!~~~

51 thoughts on “Almost 100 Followers Giveaway

  1. The black and white fabrics are wonderful! And I love the thought of a black and white quilt! Congratulations on (nearly) 100 followers! Thanks for the giveaway!

  2. I don’t “follow” you formally, but you are on my “favorites” list of quilt sites that I visit almost every day. Thanks for sharing your sewing with all of us, and congrats on almost 100 followers. I love the black and white fabrics, and have started collecting black and white fat quarters. I see a B&W quilt in my future!

  3. As you know, ahem…you are one of my most favorite writers/bloggers/friends. I’d follow you anywhere. 🙂

    And I have too much fabric. However…that doesn’t stop me from hoping I win one of these. But you can throw in some chocolate if you wish.

  4. oh my gosh, i love this fabric, i never win anything….so going shopping for this soon…….wow…

  5. My daughter and son-in-law received a black and white quilt as a wedding gift eleven years ago. It works with a multitude of color schemes and furniture styles so yes I’d love two chances to win your lovely fabrics. I follow on WordPress after I get an email alert. I can’t remember how I found you but I continue to follow because 1. You aren’t selling me anything and 2. They are intelligent. You may have noticed that is not always true. Anyway, thanks for the blog and thanks for the give-away.

  6. You are one of my favorite people and I will continue to follow you anywhere but especially through the fun world of quilting!!

  7. I’d follow you anywhere. Love your writing. Thanks for private quilting lessons. Does it disqualify me that I’m your sister? I follow you on an RSS feed.

  8. Congratulations on having 100 followers and for being such an inspiration to all of your followers. I have really enjoyed all of your information and again you’ve given us a beautiful black and white quilt. Love all the fabrics. Thank you again for all you’ve done.

  9. I follow you by email mainly because I don’t get to those reader much. Then I can sit and enjoy your blog. I forgot my password so haven’t made comments but I am squared away now. I’m thrilled about your followers, congrats to you. I enjoy your quilts and words of wisdom. And I admire how you post on WordPress! I try to start a blog but I find it more difficult than blogspot and I post so lIttle anyway. So congratulations and you will get to 100 soon. Thank you for a chance to won some black. I have almost none.

  10. I follow you on Google Reader…and love your quilting and your writing! I must admit I have a lot of fabric, but I don’t have any “keep calm” fabric! I’m sure you will arrive at the 100 count soon!

  11. I am new in quilting Only done 4 little pieces so far. But you always show some wonderful quilt on your page, I am looking forward to make something bigger. What a beautiful black and white material.

  12. Elizabeth, congratulations on all the followers. Google reader tells me you have 75 subscribers so that must be through them. I subscribe to your blog via Google reader too. Thank you for the lovely give away.

  13. And one more entry, I think you blog is fun to read and I would put you in the category of being a blog that usually inspires me.

  14. Whether it’s quilting, travel or reading (and often just humanity), I always learn something from your blog posts. That you have 2 big mileposts hitting at the same time is awesome – 100 followers and that 200 quilts goal! Love the black pieces – would add some pop to my portugese tile quilt – and appreciate the giveaway!.

  15. I follow you on WordPress & love your posts. I also love b&w fabrics & am slowly creating a stash of it …hoping to make a large quilt some day.

  16. what fun fabrics! count me in.
    I follow now. I have to say I don’t really know word press but I love making connections and friends through blog land.

  17. I follow you on the word press blog via email. I am from Florida and love all of your post. Congratulations on the milestones! Beautiful fabrics! That little boxcar is cute too! Thanks for the give away and all the great tips on how to use the them!

  18. I suppose I shall comment. I follow via email through wordpress. Don’t actually now how to get your blog into my Google reader.
    Love that skeleton toile quilt. That would be so much fun to have on the bed at Halloween (maybe a little scary, too)

  19. Hey lady! I follow you via email, but also sometimes just click on the web address that’s always in my drop down menu (you’re currently #2, below google but above flickr!)

    NOW GIMMY FABRIC!! and I’m with Cindy, send chocolate too please 😀

  20. oh, I’ll leave two. cause i’m awesome and you rock and stuff.
    but just so you know, if i don’t win i’ll stop following.
    ok not really… i can’t quit you!!! 😀

  21. Gorgeous giveaway, black and white, ooh! I follow blogs to jump start some ideas (otherwise there would be none!), to learn things, and make friends. In my world people look a little puzzled by my quilts!

  22. I lollow you via Google reader. That toile is amazing, I have a wierd liking for skeletons, I have to get some of this fabric!

  23. Thank you for the giveaway! Cute fabric. I just discovered your blog, but I will start following you with Google. I need more great blogs to read!

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