Grandchildren Visit!

My grandchildren are visiting and I’m graced with renditions by lovely Keagan, my nine-year old grandchild.  She saw my Lollypop Tree and made her own version.

We went to the beach and collected shells, which we had to wash when we arrived back home.

And we made a French Berry Tart, all hands working to get the berries in place.

But lots of the real work has taken place in the making of curtains for my daughter’s home: Riley’s room got a Roman shade and a bedskirt, Keagan and Maddy’s room has colorful panels to drape on the side of their blinds, and Barbara’s master bedroom will receive new blue draperies.  We’re also working on kitchen and family room curtains, which necessitated several runs to JoAnn’s fabrics for bits and pieces of the same.  That’s today’s production.

Barbara’s here because her husband is studying for his dental boards, and she needed curtains. So we’re sewing, daily sewing, but not on quilts.

For more views of quilts, and a guest host by Felicity, click to return to Freshly Pieced Fabrics.

6 thoughts on “Grandchildren Visit!

  1. awesome! her watercolor lollipop tree is genius, she’ll be the next big thing! Glad you’re getting in some good family time, and sewing up a storm in the process. Even if it’s not on quilts 😀

  2. It must be so much fun having those special visitors…and wow, you have accomplished a lot in the sewing area! I’ll bet your daughter really apprciates all the help!

  3. how wonderful – hope you have a wonderful visit – I’ve got my cousin’s daughter coming to stay with me a week and I see lots of what you’ve been getting up to in my week!

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