Gingham on my Mind

Well, I have gingham on my mind, but other things too.

Like these three grandsons of mine who showed up for the weekend.

Like this stack of papers who arrived on Wednesday and are Still Here.  (Definitely a work in progress.)  (Right now I’m taking a break.)

But this one is somewhere in between there and here, in terms of Works In Progress.  Here I’m sewing the borders on, but I finished (yay!) and it’s at the quilter’s right now, getting all stitched up.

Here’s some gingham things I’ve found while trolling the net. . . a book.  Is it me, or does that person they identify as “Jakie Kennedy” NOT look like Jacquie Kennedy?

I think the heel has some sparklies that move around.  Talk about elevating gingham beyond where it should go.

This is what I look like when I grade papers.  Ewwww!
However, her shirt is cute, don’t you think?  Love the covered buttons.

Now head over to Freshly Pieced to see what Lee’s got on her mind, at WIP Wednesday.

3 thoughts on “Gingham on my Mind

  1. omg! love the boys, love the quilty sneak peek, but i LOVE LOVE LOVE that pink gingham coat. me want. although i can’t really see myself wearing such an item. maybe in black/white. cute cute cute.

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