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For some reason, Blogger has been playing with me.  Not my blogger–YOUR Blogger.

Which means that I’ve not been able to leave comments unless someone had enabled the new blogger (a confusing mess if there ever was one) so that the new format for comments showed up.  I am an avid commenter when I’m not grading (which is what I should be doing now, but hey–it’s lunchtime and I’m taking a break).  But for about the past two weeks, I can’t leave comments.  So I tried to switch to a different gmail, thinking maybe Google had it out for my old one.

Surprise!  They’d deleted my alternate gmail address.  Just because they can.  And no, you can’t have it back.  Not even if you click through at least 25 very unhelpful screens trying to figure out why, but getting the same message over and over and over:

Give It Up.  We Rule the World. You Can’t Have Back Your Other Email. Now Go Away.

Sigh.  So I set up another email to match the web name on this blog, and tried to comment.


I have to set up a BLOG in order to comment.  It’s not enough to have a gmail address–YOU HAVE TO HAVE A BLOG.  I already have a blog.  Like I have about nine blogs.  Like I love the digital world except for when I hate it.  Which is about now.

But remembering that Google rules the world (which is why when I have to search for a sensitive topic, like why mothers-in-law are the most hated people on the planet, or should I hand piece or machine piece, I go to a new favorite: which has a no-tracking policy. You’re welcome.), I knuckle under to their incessant demands that I set up another blog, which if I do all my stuff right should mirror over to this site. And so far, it does.

So if you see a new name on your comments, say like, with the above Gravatar picture, it’s me.  Elizabeth E.  The one and the same.

And now maybe I can stop banging my head against the wall, and finish up grading those student essays.

9 thoughts on “Comments, Blogger, Frustration

  1. You poor thing. I love making comments too but had to have a blog to do so. I post so infrequently but it’s for commenting anyway. I will follow you with any email or place you want me to go. You are a favorite blog of mine.

  2. I’m pulling my hair out, too, I am a BLOGGER blogger, and because of this, and many other reasons will very soon be switching it over to wordpress!!!! I just hope Google doesn’t decide to highjack my archives in the process…

  3. Ugh. So annoying! They just flat out stole your old email? I hate that they aren’t playing nice with non-google peeps. Not cool at all.

  4. I’ve had a lot of trouble leaving comments on blogger lately too. The word verification has become overly complicated. I have no idea how difficult it might be to leave comments on my own right now. I turned off the vile WV but it’s been a while since I haven’t replied in the comment thread in a while… I should check. Thanks!

  5. When you figure out a way to picket an internet entity, let me know. The more technology progresses, the faster we return to the Dark Ages, right?

  6. I’m completely frustrated today. Blogger won’t forward comments to my email, which is basically a google email forwarded automatically to my comcast email. Hmmmm… Now I’m thinking they decided they didn’t like that I was wanting them to forward to comcast so they just stopped forwarding at all. I’ll have to check….grrrr.

  7. oh dear – i did wonder who OPQ was so I thought, I’ll just check out who left me a comment and look at her blog and return the favour – and it’s YOU – so sorry to read about your email troubles – technology is fantastic til it goes wrong!…and those little pencil necks with their ‘can’t help’ postures because they didn’t THINK someone might want to keep their email address before they built their systems so are now not customer friendly in any shape or form and it’d take too long to change their coding…..grrr….ok, off my soapbox…..

  8. I’ve pretty much given up on commenting on Blogger blogs, which, frankly, is so sad. I, too, love leaving comments. But if the Blogger blog I’m visiting doesn’t allow “Name/URL” comments, I can’t. I refuse to set up a blog (which I’ll never use since I’ve got one on WordPress) just to make comments.

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