Quilts on the Bed

I started quilting my Valentine Quilt yesterday and it’s coming along.  Marking it with pencil makes life a whole lot easier.  But here’s two other quilts on the bed currently: the back of my patriotic quilt (the red and white toile), and a cousin to a quilt I made for Heather, a good friend.  It used Lakeside cherry prints and is lap sized.  I love the pillow, purchased on my first anniversary of being married to Dave, my heart-throb of a husband.

I didn’t find him first–but despite the presence of my ex-husband (who, by the way, is divorcing his fourth wife and is writing a book about relationships–just so you know), Dave raised my four children, giving me good support and encouragement.  When we were dating, there was always this realization that our marriage came out of loss, and that perhaps a future splintering might possibly occur.  When I saw this pillow (over 21 years ago), with its sentiment of Real Love Stories Never Have Endings, I had to buy it, because it described my love for Dave.

Okay, that’s the February/Valentine bed.  What’s on yours?

5 thoughts on “Quilts on the Bed

  1. awwww – and i guess your ex should have a BIG insight into relationships seeing as how he’s had so many!!

    ….and good things come to those who wait – happy to see you have Dave as your good thing

  2. I love this story. Your ex husband sounds like lots of fun… And by fun I mean a big headache. My mom is currently on her third husband, but I have a very good stepmom, so I understand the value of a successful second marriage.

    We have a green duvet on our bed, but I have a pieced sampler on the wall above my bed. I love both of the quilts on your bed, and the pillow is glorious.

  3. Aww. That’s such a cute story. Dave sounds like a good man. The ex, not so much lol.

    Right now my bed is covered in piles of clean clothefabrics and random stacks of fabric. I’m pretty sure there might be a cat buried in there someplace too, ha!

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