Quilt Frolic is Almost to Her Party

Okay.  As I bemoaned mentioned to Cindy, my Quilting Mojo has been in short supply lately, whether it be the rejection from Road or post-trip let-down or the stacks and stacks of grading that has come in at the end of the semester (and research papers still to arrive–next week). Or the talk I had to give in church.  Or the 60 pretzel sticks I’ve been asked to make for a holiday party.  Or the fact that my Christmas boxes have disgorged their contents all over the living room, but I haven’t had time to put out the trinkets, nutcrackers, swags, bells and whistles and favorite-seen-only-once-a-year Christmas objects.  Welcome to the Holidaze?

So it’s best to go back and pick up on some older projects when the energy level is down, and that’s why I like WIP Wednesdays with Lee, as #1–it gives you something to focus on mid-week, and #2–I can pull out one of those pieces on my in-progress list and start getting it done.  Thanks, Lee!

So, here’s Quilt Frolic–almost done.  This quilt had come back from Cathy, my quilter, just before I left to New York, and as most quilts do, it sat quietly waiting for me to return and to finish it.  It’s in progress with the binding half-way sewn on.

This pattern was from Film in the Fridge, published in a magazine, and if you click on Quilt Frolic in the tag cloud to your right, you can get more information about it.

The back is a conglomeration of fabrics.  It took forever to sew this together, and usual, the jury is still out on whether pieced backs are “my thing.”

Detail of the back.  This pattern is a fun way to use those large-scale prints, but still have them controlled.

Hey–I even got the labels printed out and sewn on.  I hated it when I realized I’d switched the dimensions of this quilt.  So now it’s really short and really wide, instead of the other way around.  This ought to tell you what a brain fog I’ve been in.

And the little story about why I call it Quilt Frolic.

Here’s a bit of Christmas: the red and white table runner I made this summer, with contributions by my readers.  (Thank you again from the bottom of my quilty heart!) I put two of the nutcrackers on it–voila!  I’ve decorated at least one surface.  Now to do the rest. . .

8 thoughts on “Quilt Frolic is Almost to Her Party

  1. Its beautiful. I love the mixture of colours.

    Enjoyed reading about your trip to Purl SoHo. Have heard so much about this shop. It was good to have a peek inside. New York is on my to-do list in the next couple of years.

  2. love your quilt frolic – it looks sensational – and i must be a little bah humbug this year as i have no intention of putting up the tree

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