Fabric Hunting in Montreal

Some of you know I’ve been in Montreal with my husband, while he attended a scientific meeting.  While there, I (of course) had to do some fabric hunting.  I Googled “quilt shop.”  Nothing, or nothing that I could get to.  I read several Canadian quilters’ blogs and it got me wondering: how do they do it?

Then, after my button popped off my raincoat, I typed in “sewing supplies” and came up with Fabricville.  Bingo.

However, it’s NOT the entire building.  It’s the basement.  Here’s a shot through the window on the way down the stairs.  I wander around, find the button thread, some needles, then keep wandering as I think I see quilting cottons.


They have their own line, but even on sale for 25% off, it’s still really pricey. Original price per meter is 14.99 Canadian dollars.  I admire those Canadian quilters even more!

The American Le Poulet line is $16.99 per meter. This is what I used to find when we went to Europe.  I’d hunt up a quilting shop (always supporting the independents, even when I travel), but because of import duties, shipping, and the terrible American dollar exchange rate, I’d choke when it came time to purchase fabric at the equivalent of 20 dollars per meter.  So I’d usually buy a pattern, or a stitchery/embroidery kit.

The exception was when we went to Japan, where I went to a shop with multiple floors, and there were lots and lots of things to choose from.  So, even though we’ve all paused a little at the price of cottons now, we are so fortunate to have access to an amazing variety here in the United States. I marvel at what else I can buy at the click of a mouse button–those hard-to-obtain Japanese fabrics are in multiple places, European fabrics can be bought here in the US.

What I want to know is where is that shop that will sell me more hours in my day?

5 thoughts on “Fabric Hunting in Montreal

  1. Good fabric in oz in the quilting shops is anything between AUD22 per metre (which is approx 10% longer than 1 yard) and AUD30 – usually around the AUD26 mark….and the organic cottons are AUD30+

    In our big craft store (Spotlight) we can get decent fabric for around AUD16 – i think the DS Fairs and Playgrounds, released exclusively through Spotlight, was about that – and on sale it’s about AUD13.

    I know, and a lot of other people shop on-line from the US, which is really hurting the quilting shops, but, what can we do? It’s either that or stop buying fabric all together..or at the very least, reduce the quantities bought.

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