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Dear Fat Quarter Shop

Dear Fat Quarter Shop,

Thank you for sending me a cute little bunch of fabrics today.  It had been a long day, complete with temperatures over a 100 degrees (again), battling the tail end of an illness, a day teaching in a hot room (the gauge said 77 degrees–try exploring the angles and nuances of poetry in that kind of environment!) and a traffic-filled drive home with a guy in a dented white truck who cut into my lane.  Twice.  It had started out well, with conversations with my angel mother and  my sweet daughter and a shared lunch of sushi with a dear and trusted colleague.  But the rest of it was. . . well. . . let’s just say I swooned, happily, upon seeing this box on my doorstep.



P.S. Now I can start thinking about that Christmas Quilt!

2 thoughts on “Dear Fat Quarter Shop

  1. I agree. Fabric in the mail is some of the best therapy! Not too long ago the postman thanked me for helping to keep the USPS in business. Um…that is a LITTLE scary. Maybe I’m getting TOO much fabric therapy in the mail!

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