Cynthia’s Quilt

We interrupt Road for a minute to tell you the sewing machine is still cooking along. (More posts are coming.)

My sister came to stay for a few days.  Guess what?  She wanted to make a quilt.  (Twist my arm.)

I had some blue squares leftover, and we cut some more from my stash and a couple of more squares from what I’d picked up at Road.

Yes, my circles are underneath another layer of improvised pinwall.  So here’s where it was when we finished Monday night.  I went off to teach on Tuesday morning, and she had a Quilter’s Epiphany.  You know–when you hate everything you’ve done, and want to start over.

She’s sewed the block rows into strips and is sewing the strips together now.  I’m going to make her stop so we can go and get dinner–husband’s out of town–who wants to cook when quilting’s going on?  Sushi anyone?

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