Quilt Night–November

Last night was Quilt Night at Leisa’s house, and she and I collaborated on the theme and the preparations.  The theme: Dots!  She picked up some cute dotty boxes and we had everyone bring a fat eighth of fabric and  we all filled the boxes for our Stash Builder.

Leisa found this very fun cake to go along with our theme.  For those of you who asked, it’s from Tasteful Cakes, in Corona. The fillings were delicious, and we all wanted to eat the dots right off the cake.

Dot food.

Chocolate-covered pretzel sticks with. . . dots.

All that were there before we cut into the cake: Sara, Elizabeth, Laurel, Lisa, Tauni, Tracy and Leisa.  We missed all that weren’t able to come and hope to see you next time–probably January?

Jody came right after that, and showed off the beautiful lattice quilt she’s making  for her daughter-in-law. Here’s a *link* to that other quilt that she just completed–it was the “two” smaller quilts back to back.  The link is to an online pattern (scroll down to where it says Download PDF, and check out “The Next Generation” version of the Magic 9-patch).

Tauni’s working on this pinwheel quilt for a friend.  I think she was one of the more productive quilters last night–getting the borders on this.

Leisa just got back the red and white Block Exchange quilt from the quilter–and some of the quilters crowded in who had made blocks.

I showed off my Castle Peeps quilt–ready to go to the quilter this week.  I’d completed it before this night.

I did get a lot of orange/red/pink squares cut out for a duplicate of this quilt.  That’s about all I finished–it’s probably that I’m getting slower, but I also think that last night was a good night to catch up with friends, eat some dotty food, and have a good time. Which we did!

2 thoughts on “Quilt Night–November

  1. Oh man! Looks like you all had fun! Sorry I missed it – was still in Canada that day. Hope to see all of you in January.

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