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I did some recreational shopping last week when my husband was out of town.  It was after grading/prepping for hours and hours and I just sat and enjoyed looking at all the fabrics at Sew, Mama, Sew. (I like them because they’ll still sell you a quarter of a yard.)  That night it was that familiar feeling–too tired to move, but not too tired to click and shop.

The fabrics arrived today, and I’ll take a photo of the stash builder tomorrow, but first, tonight, I wanted to show you two interesting selvages.  In case you’ve been under a rock or something, selvages–that woven strip along the edge of fabric–is the New Hot Thing.  When I slashed off multiple selvages to send to Cindy at Live a Colorful Life, I was working from the very bottom of my stash and found lots of interesting selvages to send to her for her pincushions.  In those days, the printing on selvages was used for identification, and color registration.  The manufacturer would check to make sure the dots on the selvage lined up, so the pattern in the fabric would line up.

But look what they’re doing now!  The top row of registration dots are actually little scissors.  This is the new City Weekend, by Oliver + S.  They have little scissors on all the fabrics–if there are more colors, there are more dots.

And the bottom is a row of little apples, from a Moda alphabet fabric, Wee Woodland. And it’s even on sale!! (Why do you think I bought it?)




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