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City Streets • Quilt Finish

City Streets_1

Recently my husband and I took my latest quilt, City Streets, out to a small branch library in our town for some photos.  It was a deserted Sunday afternoon, perfect for us to find interesting shadows and backdrops.

City Streets Quilt_1aCity Streets_2City Streets_front

City Streets, 2019
Quilt No. 224, 47″ square

City Streets_3

I made this with a fat quarter stack of Vanessa Christensen’s ombre confetti dots: I wanted to see if it was possible for me to work with one line of fabric.  I almost made it, but pulled in some white grunge and a solid to offset the colorful squares.  I quilted it on my Handquilter Sweet 16 using Art Studio Color 101, which looks like gold, but it’s not a metallic thread.  I did the background using So Fine color 401, which is a white, but not stark white hue.  I only mention these details because our last guild meeting had a speaker who emphasized this point: we should tell people what thread  and fabric we quilt with.

City Streets_5City Streets_back

The back, and the label:

City Streets_labelGinza Scramble

Maybe my original design was inspired by this scramble intersection in the Ginza area of Tokyo, or by this view of Tokyo from the Government Building (below)?

Tokyo SkylineCity Streets_4

Thanks to my ever-supportive husband for holding quilts, and helping find great locations for photography. Pattern coming soon.

16 thoughts on “City Streets • Quilt Finish

  1. This is really beautiful Elizabeth! I love the clean graphic nature of it and the quilting is just exquisite. It would look wonderful hanging on a wall, wouldn’t it?

  2. There is something about this quilt – the color draws me in and then amazingly calms me. I absolutely love it and your quilt designs are brilliant, truly. I find it almost impossible to look at a quilt and determine what pattern(s) should go where and on your gorgeous piece here, the patterns make such perfect sense. The scenery for your photo shoot is spot on and, as always, Dave did a stellar job holding 🙂
    Congratulations on another great finish!!

  3. Golly Elizabeth! This is a gorgeous quilt! I love the graphic-ness of it, and the places you found to take pictures are just perfect! Your second picture is my favorite, with the linear shadows created by the overhead trellis. Those perfectly reiterate lines in your quilt. Such a beautiful piece. Your quilting is stellar! And thanks for info about threads you used. Now, I need to borrow Dave, okay? I just finished my selvedges quilt and am completely stumped about how and where to photograph it. I’ll likely end up with boring pictures of it on my design wall. Count your blessings!

  4. Good job holding, Dave, even with those broken ribs!

    That turned out beautifully, Elizabeth. It is a wonderful place to show off your quilting. The design is so pretty as well. Of course, I cannot miss adding the photo shoot location is spot on again. It’s a winner all the way around!

  5. What a guy . . . holding quilts is no easy task. You found some fantastic spots to take photos. Love the finish! And the quilting! And the backing fabric is perfect. I have rarely ever made a quilt from a single line of fabric other than when I work with Kaffe but then it’s always spread over several years worth of his fabrics and I usually have something else in the mix too.

  6. There are so many things to love about this quilt. As a new quilter I can appreciate that there is not a single triangle. Look at all those wonderful 90 degree angles. There is a reason they call them “right” angles. My kind of pattern. The backing fabric is the perfect finish too. 🙂

  7. I love the quilt. It definitely needed the white to showcase the brights. I am becoming enamored with narrow sashing too–it really works here.

    I think what fun it would be to go driving in search of photo spots. You sure hit a doozy in the second one with the shadows pointing to the quilt. You should enter that one in a photo contest.

  8. Wow this quilt really packs a punch! It’s terrific and your quilting adds so much to your bright city streets. Love the Tokyo images too. I don’t know that Ginza intersection. I thought it might have been Shibuya crossing.

  9. I’ve looked at the images of the quilt and the Ginza intersection several times, I’m captivated by them! The interpretation of the design seen in the intersection is brilliant, I love the echoed X’s in the quilting. The incorporation of the colors reflected on the building in both the front of the quilt and the choice of the exuberant backing fabric is terrific. I’ve just had another lesson in design!

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