Camp Create

Camp Create
July 14, 2018 • 9:00 a.m.

This is the last summer hurrah for the Good Heart Quilters, and will be held at Leisa’s, in the back, in her big garage (it’s air conditioned). 

Book Making,  with Amy Spencer (morning)
Lunch–sandwiches, fruit bowl, chips, drinks, cupcakes
Screen Printing (afternoon)

Download a PDF file of the supply list (PDF file): Supply Lists
The fees are $10 for each; please bring cash.

Book Making
See supply list for what you need to bring.



Lunch Break
We need folks to help with the lunch in bringing fruit bowl, chips, drinks. I’ve hired Claire to make us some fun cupcakes for dessert!  (See email for more info.)  

screenprinting to dry.png

Screen Printing (easy style) with Elizabeth, Julie, Simone
See supply list for what you need to bring, along with the following tips and hints.

Please bring design ideas.  I went online to the textile archive at LACMA, and just started scrolling through pictures, drawing little motifs of what I saw.  I am NOT an artist, as you can see.  I ended up doing the umbrella, with a couple of drops coming out (sad umbrella–it doesn’t get used anymore).


Notice gift card squeegee. And yes, your embroidery hoop will get paint on it.

Included in Kit:

Small craft knife with finger loop

Speedball Screen Printing Ink for FABRIC; included in kit fee