200 Quilts Index

Having finished creating a total of 100 quilts, with about half of them given away, I thought I’d start on my second list of one hundred quilts. 101 2012 Harvesting The Wind 102 2012 English Elizabeth (Four-in-Art, Nature, Year #1) 103 2013 Into the Woods 104 2013 One Black Leaf (Four-in-Art, Nature, Year #1) 105 2013 Summer… Continue reading 200 Quilts Index

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Made to Withstand the Proof of Time

As quilters, we have an relationship to time. We begin something, knowing it won’t be done for days, or months or even years. We work towards a daily or weekly goal of finishing the quilt, even though we might sometimes abandon the effort. But there is always this gap from beginning to end. I started… Continue reading Made to Withstand the Proof of Time