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Печворк Візерунки

aka Patchwork Patterns (in Ukranian).

This search term showed up in my stats this past week, albeit in Russian (I translated it into Ukranian) and since I’m always interested in the world, I thought it would be fun to use it as a title, and see what happens.

But aside from the title, this post is a This-and-That style of post, which means rounding up a few loose ends and tucking them in.

We had a fun block this month for the Gridster Bee. We used this pattern from ScissorTailQuilting, but there are others out there, as well as a whole combination of names for this thing. I’ve made this block a handful of times for bees, and it’s always some new version of the block for the same-old familiar block. I’ve also done a Friendship Swap, back in the Flickr Days, organized by Susan of Patchwork n Play. I swapped blocks with Krista, and recently she just finished up her quilt. Here was mine:

What’s fun is seeing multiples of the same block together:

The Queen died. (Old News, I know.) One of my friends did a link-to-your-relative program and she came up as 10th cousin. As I have Scottish and English blood in my lineage, I’ll bet I could match that.

I found this quite moving, but I was only getting the news in drips, in between everything. First time a woman has joined the Vigil of the Princes, but I’m guessing with Princess Anne, there was really no discussion about whether or not she’d be doing this. (If you click on that link, turn on the sound as the music is lovely.) I think I liked watching this because secretly I’m a total British Royals fan (well, some of them), and because it was some of the first news that wasn’t the horrific war in Ukraine, and the awful political fighting of our elections (although I hear the British elections could give us a run for our money).

I also took a road trip.

Clouds over Red Rock Country, Southern Utah

You can see more of it here or the condensed, video version here.

I also delivered my quilt to my daughter-in-law Kim, who said she loved her quilt. Thank you for all your comments on the last post. I am slowly writing back to you all (see below for why I am slow at this), and appreciate all the things you mentioned about the tricky relationship between mothers-in-law and daughters-in-law.

Emilee’s missionary farewell was the main reason we went to Utah, and it was good to see her launch herself into the world. If you live in Argentina and meet her, be kind — she’s lovely! And to prove I’m a normal woman human, right after arriving in northern Utah and two days before the family get-together I hit Dillard’s department store, looking for a top to break myself out of my covid wardrobe. I loved this dotty one, and glad I found it. Most of my clothes are so tired, having been used/worn throughout covid. Anyone else feel the same? My quilts are more up-to-date than what’s hanging in my closet!

Lastly, I finally gathered up my Autumn Leaf blocks from the Gridsters and put the center together. Coming soon: borders!

And Pumpkins! And Witches! And Halloween! And November, then December, then…

Guess I’d better get quilting–

8 thoughts on “Печворк Візерунки

  1. I’m excited to see the x&+ quilt blocks come together. I have always loved seeing those quilts. Your trip has been such fun to follow. Your fall leaf quilt is fabulous! Those colors are so yummy. Wishing your granddaughter a blessed trip.

  2. Oh goodness, I have a lot to get done before the end of the year. One day at a time, right? It sounds like you had a great road trip (I loved seeing glimpses of your travels through Instagram). Your Autumn Leaves quilt top looks great!

  3. Your trip to Utah looked beautiful from my perspective – on my Iphone, via Instagram. I’m glad you had the opportunity to get away. Those Cross + X blocks are great! Quite versatile when it comes to being effective in a scrappy quilt. Kim should absolutely love her quilt; it’s so pretty… as is she. Looks like it was made just for her! (And it was!) How nice for you to do some shopping for yourself. Can’t say that all my clothes are from COVID days, as I have made a few things, and am always on the look-out for shorts which I wear 90 percent of the time. They just get faded from so much wearing and washing. Have fun with your fall quilt. It looks perfect for your season.

  4. How lovely to see all the x/plus blocks again! I actually sent mine, made with Carla, with my son on Friday after he decided he needed another couch quilt! Of course if you had been here in Australia you would have seen all the coverage of HRH Elizabeth’s death and funeral. Love your new spotted blouse too! Your daughter-in-law looks like she loves her new sunshine quilt! best wishes, S

  5. I love your sunflower quilt! I went back to your previous post to read about it and ended up buying the pattern. I only have one daughter-in-law, and she is the best daughter-in-law in the world. I have tried to be a good mother-in-law because mine was, um, challenging. I think she became reconciled to my being different before she passed away.

  6. That is such a beautiful sunflower quilt. Looks like your DIL really loves it. Also, x/plus blocks are one of my favorites and the quilt swap we did was such fun. I loved swapping blocks with Carla Fawcett and that quilt is very special to me.

  7. Those are some lovely quilts! And yes, my wardrobe was tired after COVID and after living in the back woods. I’ve been lucky to find a nice “dress shop” in my new city. I’ll bet nobody under 60 calls it a dress shop, but you know what i mean.

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