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First Monday Sew-Day • May 2020

All these Log Cabin Quilts were hanging in a special vintage exhibit in a quilt show some years back, and I think I photographed them all.  And while there are a lot of images here in this collage, I didn’t put them all in.

Log Cabin

This Log  Cabin quilt, above, was the second big quilt I ever made and it took me four years from start to finish.  When the quilting was all done, I brought the backing fabric to the front, folded it over, stitched it down and called it a binding (the quilt police are gasping!).  But it was what I knew how to do then. I quilted this by hand through the hot summers of my time in Texas, finishing it up in the mellow spring of the Bay Area in California.

May 2020 Illus

So for our First Monday Sew-day group I chose the Log Cabin block.  This group is geared toward new quilters, so I’m trying to figure out the basic blocks a quilter needs in their skills basket, and designing a monthly handout to match.  You can get your PDF handout here:


It’s in a PDF form, two-sided.  Trying to keep it simple, I only tackled two of the hundreds of variations of Log Cabin blocks.  We’ve been doing this for a while, so search for First Monday Sew-day to get the rest of the handouts.

And variations of setting, too.  I’ve made a few different kind of Log Cabin blocks.  Here are a few:

Christmas Wonky Log Cabin2

A wonky Log Cabin quilt, given to my son.

Amish With a Twist 2 log cabins

A block for this quilt:

Shadow Light Quilt_full1

Eastmond Bubble Log Cabin June 2015MCM

And even a funky round Log Cabin block, made by varying the sizes and lengths of the strips.  Yes, Log Cabins are definitely in our heritage, especially our quilting heritage.

Historical Newspaper (from here)

Barbara Brackman provides information on the origin of this name: “In June of 1866, an Iowa diarist known only as “Abbie” wrote that she “went to town, bought Delaine [wool blend] for my log cabin.” On the last day of July she “wrote a letter to Sis and worked on my log cabin.”  If you don’t know about Barbara Brackman, a quilt historian, click over to her site and learn.  She’s always my go-to source when I have a question.

So, even though we can’t meet together, that doesn’t mean we can’t have our First Monday Sew-day.  If like me, you are stuck at home and you make a Log Cabin block, send me a photo!

11 thoughts on “First Monday Sew-Day • May 2020

  1. Beautiful log cabins! I’ve made 2 queen sized ones so far this year. My curvy one is my favourite in blue and white. After seeing your photos I might just have to start another one. 😉 Carol

  2. How nice of you to keep the momentum going with your quiltmaking friends. This is a good Log Cabin lesson. Though oddly enough, I have never cared for this block, it definitely has lots of design layout possibilities, and your round Log Cabin is the best, especially in those colors!

  3. A great block for beginners and necessary for their skill basket! A log cabin was the very first quilt I made as a wedding quilt 24 years ago!

  4. I love the funky, round one – both the colors and the shape. Log Cabin is such a versatile block.

  5. I love your early Log Cabin! That is a treasure. My first quilt was a log cabin in forest greens and reds – have no idea what happened to it! It’s amazing to look at your first Log Cabin and then the complex designs in your later adaptations. I always admire your work. Glad you’re teaching newbies!

  6. Thanks for sharing the log cabin ideas and your lovely first one. I have been purging old magazines and books while in quarantine and came across both a book and a magazine featuring log cabin quilts. It got me thinking about a couple of ideas I have sketched out but never made and that led to a whole list of log cabin ideas I’d like to try. I’ve made a couple of wonky log cabin quilts before but never a more traditional one. Funny how the same ideas percolate through the atmosphere. Perhaps I’ll get to one or two of them this year with all this “extra” time. Sure you’ll be happy when your group can meet up again in person.

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