My Small World • Section 3 & 4

mysmallworld2019_4_1 full.jpg

I know you are thinking, no — praying — that someday soon I will be through with This Quilt, and believeyoume, you are not the only one hoping and praying that I can add it to my list of Three Hard Quilts of 2019 to be completed.  I’ve finished two Hard Quilts and I’m determined not to put any other quilt up on that design wall until I slay this Patchwork Dragon.

So I’m here to report progress: Section Three AND four are finished, hallelujah, but I’m celebrating probably less than you are because I have two more sections to go and I get stuck on the smallest things.


Like the flying geese in Section Three.

The approach I took the first time I made started this quilt was to pull every fabric out of my cupboards, strew them around and clip a square of this or a square of that and piece it into this quilt.

I occasionally try that approach again.  Which doesn’t work, again.


The best approach is to see what you’ve already thrown into the first two sections, then replicate that, either via color/value or the actual fabric, if you can find it the mess. The completed flying geese, above — which you can see is sort of an amalgam of all the geese I tried.

I’m finding the paper piecing templates from Sarah of SewWhatSherlock very helpful, if you want to get yourself a set.


I also learned that I am truly stuck, lunch helps.  And maybe read the newspaper.  And then start in on the big shapes, letting the detritus come later.


I can work in new bits here and there, like this woman with her bird.


Or some fun repeated shapes, the appliquéd half-circle echoed in the fabric.  I can’t decide if this yellow is a fancy front window, or two hidden doors, camoflauged, or a re-planted tunnel under this European-style gate to the city.mysmallworld2019_4_2.jpgmysmallworld2019_4_3.jpgThen I charged into Section Four — and why not? the whole sewing room is already a disaster — hand-sewing clamshells and fussy cutting blocks, and cutting multiples of the lower section strips but finally deciding, and now these sections are sewn together: 1 & 2 & 3 & 4.

Seam Presser

New notion: this little seam presser, purchased at PIQF from Edyta Sitar‘s booth.  I’ve tried the roller ones, and this one’s on par.

To recap:

My motto: Making progress, square inch-by-square inch.

My Small World Quilt, a pattern by Jenn Kingwell.
Mess in the sewing room, by Elizabeth Eastmond (me).

15 thoughts on “My Small World • Section 3 & 4

  1. It’s looking so nice. It’s really such a cute pattern. I’m looking forward to working on mine now that we are back home. You have inspired me with your organization.

  2. “mess in the sewing room” really made me laugh! You are making progress and that is good. What a treasure you will have when it is done. 🙂

  3. It’s looking fabulous Elizabeth! Not far to go now! I am a wee bit curious to see how you go about the semi circular pieces (Dresdens, hexies etc) in section 6?

  4. I love the new approach. It looks great. You make me want to take mine apart and start over, but the borders are on, so it is what it is.

  5. Your MSW quilt is looking beautiful, just keep pushing on to the finish, you are so close. I found the paper piecing templates from Sarah helpful too.

  6. I admire your tenacity, truly! And it’s looking so great. I’m curious: how would you describe the joy you’re finding in the making of this little wonder?

  7. Your quilt is so beautiful! All of your fabric selections and your exquisite stitching makes this a joy to look at. I tend to work the same way with fabric everywhere when making quilts like that. Looks like for you, it is worth it since you are finding great fabrics for each place.

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