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Happy July 2019 • This and That!

Teeny Tiny Flag Quilt_3

In this episode of This-and-That posts, I wanted to lead off with a little freebie for your Fourth of July: the instructions for a Teeny Tiny Flag quilt.  You can whip this up quickly, and it slips over a dimestore 4″ x 6″ acrylic frame.  I made one recently for a friend in the hospital: no flowers or balloons were allowed.  This brought some cheer to her stay as she loves red, white and blue.

Teeny Tiny Flag Quilt Illustration

I thought you might like the how-to’s, so download the PDF file (please re-download this new file–earlier this morning, there was a glitch):

Teeny Tiny Flag Quilt

I finished it off with some cute buttons.  For more Tiny quilts (and Teeny-Tiny quilts), visit the Tiny Quilts tab, above.

Sunday Best

Here’s a new favorite book of mine, Sunday Best Quilts, by Sherri L. McConnell and Corey Yoder.  Sherri and I have been friends for a while ever since we shared English assignments for the classes we were teaching, at two different community colleges in two different states.  I also appreciate her wonderful quilt designs, and have enjoyed her fabric lines (favorites are Bright Sun, Creekside and Front Porch).

I expect certain things out of books these days.  I’ve stopped buying everything that’s new as I was pretty burned out with what I call “vanity” books — a famous quilter gets a book and really, it was nothing new under the sun.  So now I am pretty selective about what I’ll add to my quilt library.  The book has to have 1) a new way of looking at familiar quilts, 2) a thorough (but not mansplained) direction section, and 3) great photographs, plus 4) the writing has to be pristine and readable, no small feat.

This book fulfills all four of those criteria. If you are looking for a new book to add, I can recommend this one.

Scissors and Negative People


Guild Rummage Sale_3

So our Guild had a rummage sale this month, well, really it was a Clean-Out-The-President’s-Sewing-Room/Garage sale.  Evidently people had been bringing her stuff for many years; husbands would call when their wives had moved to Assisted Living, and leftovers from classes all just sort of congregated in her garage.  Time for it all to go.

Guild Rummage Sale_2

I am always fascinated by what quilters used to do Back in the Day.  Like these vests.  Did we really a) have haircuts like that, and b) dress like this?

Guild Rummage Sale_4

Another binder had templates with lots of code numbers on them, and then these illustrations.  I loved “Home Grown” #8, and think it would make a great block in a quilt.  No, I didn’t bring that one home.

Guild Rummage Sale_1

But I felt like I scored with this box of “vintage” magazines (really, they are just 20-30 years old–how is that vintage?).  I’d bought a few things here and there, stuffing my dollars in the Rummage Sale Jar, but at the end of the night, when so much was left, she said, “Take it all away!” So we did.

Ladybird Prep_2

I wanted to post some construction images from Ladybird, the quilt from the last post. At this point I was thinking: what am I doing? This was the quilting after the first day. I threw it on the spare bed and left it there for two days.

Ladybird Prep_3


Ladybird Prep_4

In the end, I was pretty happy with it, finding lots of ways to be creative with mostly straight lines.


Finished this book.  I loved it and I’m not a New Yorker.

I had wanted to leave you with my larger flag quilt, all quilted and bound, but it didn’t happen.  So Happy Fourth of July, with a quilt top:


Long may it wave! (click to see it in action)


13 thoughts on “Happy July 2019 • This and That!

  1. Yes, they did wear those vests and
    Yes to the hairstyle. Did I just give away my age 😜
    Happy 4th of July!

  2. I LOVE this post–it’s like your version of really random. 🙂 Your teeny flag quilt is SO cute! Yes, I wanted my hair to look exactly like Dorothy Hamill. But I didn’t ever do those vests. I totally agree with your review of Sherri and Corey’s book–I think it’s worthwhile for photography alone! But it checks all the boxes for me. Happy 4th!!

  3. I ish I could find someone who could still cut a wedge. I loved mine. It does look like the outfits we used to wear. Hmm. Maybe we need a revival. lol

    Your quilting looks great on your quilt and I love the waving flags.

  4. We certainly did wear our hair that way! And I seem to remember making a version of the Home Grown block. I’m off to check…. Happy 4th July! Celebrate the best of your country!

  5. Vintage project books really speak to me — it’s like, I can’t go forward into the quilting trends of today, until I prove to myself that I am all caught up on past quilting trends. So I would have taken those books too. But I am not sorry that I never made one of those vests; that is one trend I don’t mind skipping over. 🙂

  6. How funny! I have been looking at that book ~ Sunday Best Quilts ~ and I may buy it now based on your recommendation. Love the “vintage” magazines. haha! Thank you! 🙂

  7. Thanks for sharing. I’ve always like the idea of your minis on a standing frame. Giving one as a gift for a hospital room is a great idea. All around, they would make wonderful little gifts. Great inspiration. Happy 4th!

  8. Thank you for the great pattern. The big flag quilt looks good as it is, as a quilt top! Maybe you can plan for Veterans Day to finish it now.

  9. I’m so late in responding to this great blog post! But for five days I was completely “off the grid!” No access from our daughter’s lakeside home. Can you imagine?! Anyway, I enjoyed: your quilting book criteria (I concur!) and review; about your guild’s garage sale and what’s considered vintage (ha, ha); seeing your quilting, which I absolutely LOVE (why don’t I do more straight line quilting?!); and appreciate your reading book suggestion. Happy Independence Day, belatedly. We have much to appreciate living in the USA.

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