Basket Quilt • top finished

Baskets of Food quilt top

Hanging from the thick strands of my wisteria vine, my baskets quilt found a home for a few minutes, while I took photos.  Many of these blocks were made for me by my beemates in the Gridsters Bee, and while I was in recovery, I made some more.  I finally got them all sewn up, after trying to figure out the arrangement, and got the borders on.  I’ll send it off to Darby soon (I’m working on finishing another quilt top, and want to send her two), and then finish this up.

It seems like I’m in a Finishing Mode right now, and it feels good to get some of these quilts out of the cupboard and done.

Gluten-free cookie

This giant cookie is a first for me: first gluten-free recipe ever made, and first recipe that has tahini as an ingredient.  Recipe from Joy the Baker.  Review: I liked the tahini, but husband didn’t. Baked it in a 9-inch cake pan, it needed 10 more minutes baking than she said in her recipe, but 8 more minutes would have been better.   I thought it was yummy.

March Temp Quilt_April1

The garden is slightly underwhelming right now, as we’ve been eating the winter vegetables of Rainbow Chard and lettuce, but the addition of March’s blocks to my Temperature Quilt livens things up!  I decided to plant my tomato seed directly into the garden, and then put plastic cups over where I’d planted, so I could keep it moist.  I’m happy to report that all four varieties have now sent up sprouts.  The big-leafed plant in front is a zucchini, from the garden store.

March Temp Quilt_April2

From food baskets, to a giant cookie, to gardens, this post is now at an end.  To bring it full circle, the genesis of the basket quilt was that I had been saving food fabrics for eons, and finally decided I wanted them to go into baskets.  So I close this post with some food quotes:

Since Eve ate apples, much depends on dinner.  ~Byron

“Here, dearest Eve,” he exclaims, “here is food.”  “Well,” answered she, with the germ of a housewife stirring within her, “we have been so busy to-day that a picked-up dinner must serve.”  ~ Hawthorne

Better is a dinner of herbs where love is, than a stalled ox and hatred therewith.  Proverbs 15:17

Enough is as good as a feast. ~John Heywood

To veer off theme just a little, I enjoyed this article in the New York Times about the traditional quilting of Hawaii.

Happy quilting!

11 thoughts on “Basket Quilt • top finished

  1. Hi Elizabeth, we just got back from Hawaii 2 months ago. Saw some nice quilts but didn’t have time for the Palace.
    I wish I had known about this exhibit. I would have been tempted to go!
    Thanks for posting the article!

  2. The Bee baskets looks great. That was a great use for the fabrics. Your temperature quilt is going to be wonderful as the months progress. I’ll be looking forward to seeing it after the summer.

  3. Your basket quilt is lovely. I have several fruit fabrics and have never thought to put them in baskets. I’d love a bite of that cookie too. Looks yummy.

  4. As much as I love quilting I have to say, that GF cookie is calling my name!
    Never thought of baking in a round pan.
    YUM is the word of the day.
    Love the Basket quilt. 😊
    And, a wonderful memory quilt from the Bees!

  5. I love your baskets! But I love your wisteria more. I wish I could show you a photo of ours. It is amazing this year with all the rain. I may have to try the cookie recipe. I recently began a job as a caregiver for my 98 year old neighbor and she has to eat gluten free. I made some chocolate chip cookies using Bob’s Red Mill gluten free flour mix and she loved them. Not sure how she feels about tahini. 🙂

  6. There is something very satisfying about whittling down the WIPs list! I have one last quilt to be quilted and only a couple of small projects to be finished and my slate will be clean! I love both the baskets quilt top and how the temperature blocks are looking! Happy days!

  7. Your basket quilt is so lively and fun. I enjoyed your food quotes and your temp quilt is coming along – off to see the Hawaiian article. thanks!

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