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Winter Pines • Finished!


Winter Pines
Quilt No. 193
73″ high by 64″ wide

You saw the sewing of Winter Pines and I’m back to tell you it’s finished.

The backing is an oldie from the stash; I deliberated whether or not to use it as I was “saving it for just the right quilt” but am so glad I decided to use it.  I love it with the wintery theme of this quilt — just the right colors.

My quilter did a great job, using one of my favorite edge-to-edge patterns: a swirling loop-de-loop.

I’m sewing the binding on another quilt that I’ve kept under wraps for nearly six months.  It will hang in a booth at QuiltCon, so the time is getting closer to showing you all, but first I have to make the label and get that sewn on.  Soon, very soon.

PS: Very windy day to photograph a quilt.

14 thoughts on “Winter Pines • Finished!

  1. I really love this quilt – it turned out great and so glad to you used that “saved” backing! Living in the woods, tree quilts always call my name. And cannot wait to see what you’ve made for QuiltCon!

  2. OMG!
    Where have you been hiding those Lollypops!
    I love the quilt and you know how much I love appliqué.
    I need to find that pattern.
    Great Job in color choices, beautiful quilt. 😍

  3. Such a nice finish and a nice quilty pattern too. Makes me realize I haven’t touched my pine tree quilt in weeks. Too many other projects had priority. If I don’t hurry up it won’t be very useful for what’s left of this winter. Then it will have to wait for next Christmas/winter to be put to use.

  4. The backing is perfect for your wintery quilt Elizabeth! You did save it for the right one after all! Excited to see your QuiltCon contribution too!

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