Bee Blocks for Gridsters • December 2017

Four of us got together to do the last block of 2017 for Afton, of Quilting Mod.

She’d asked that we do a cake from Patty Sloniger’s pattern (for Michael Miller Fabrics), and Afton mapped out our plan of which stand for which cake.  I had a different cake from Lisa, Leisa and Simone, but our stands were all the same.  Luckily.


The quilter who made the cake on the left was the first to finish, but whoops…she had to redo the cake stand.

One of us had to leave early to pick up kids, so I don’t have that quilter’s block, but here are three of the cake blocks finished.  In all the fun, I never took a photo of my block by itself, but I’m the stacked layer cake on the lower right.  The pattern went together without too much drama, and we shipped them off to Afton.  That’s the end of the Gridster Bee for 2017, but we’re gearing up and are all ready to go for 2018.

This is the last sew day for all of us together, as Lisa (in blue sweater) has moved away to another state.  She and I started our little quilt group of twenty years, and it is odd not to see her around, or to be able to pop up and borrow some fabric (she lived close to me).  I wish her all the best in her new home, and hope she finds lots of quilters to hang out with!

5 thoughts on “Bee Blocks for Gridsters • December 2017

  1. I didn’t realize you had a neighbor-quilter. I’m sorry for your loss now. I too have a neighbor-quilter, and it’s amazing how many times in just the past year we’ve managed to bail out each other when we needed something. I am sure you will miss your friend. Though, how fun for all of you to have gathered to sew these cake stand blocks for a mutual friend. I do think it would be nice, occasionally, to meet in a quilter’s home, rather than always going to a rec center to sew together. So much more personal. Looks like you all had a really good time together.

  2. It sounds like a fun day of stitching together and those cakes look good enough to eat. This is going to be such a fun quilt. You are all going to miss having Lisa so close. I KNOW Lisa will find new quilters where she is going, but she will always cherish your friendship.

  3. Good Morning Elizabeth –

    Where can I get the pattern for your Home Sweet Home mini? It’s charming.

    Thanks –


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