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Let’s Get Crackin’: Finish This! • June 2017

Okay, so I used up my old list with crossing stuff off and writing stuff on.  It’s a bit dispiriting to see some quilts that never seem to launch, but I’ll give it a go.  Again.

I had fun at this web site, making these titles in a “text generator.”  Scroll down to where you type in your text (on the left), choose the kind of font you want (scroll up on the right to see the categories), add color, effects and then generate it.  As a Mac owner, I hold down the Shift+Command+4 and it turns the cursor into a crosshairs pointer so I can capture images.  I wadded them all up into one document and printed it off.  I hope soon to get to crossing off things.

I finished Mary’s star block for June’s Gridster Bee blocks. She blogs at NeedledMom and always has a lot of fun gardening things to see, besides all her stellar quilting.   The free download for her choice can be found here.  And here is our signature blocks, which we send to each other:

I use a cardboard template behind my block to help me remember what to sign (and I also back the signing place with a piece of ironed-on freezer paper and use a .08 Micron pen).  Seems to work okay.

City Summer_NinaMata
City Summer, by Nina Mata

Hope you get your summer launched off to a great start!

5 thoughts on “Let’s Get Crackin’: Finish This! • June 2017

  1. Your star blocks are so pretty! Boy, you were quick out of the blocks! They are on my list for the weekend! Good luck with your to-to list! There are some beauties there!

  2. I like seeing your to-do list in such a neat format. Great idea! But for me, lists like this make each item turn immediately into a burdensome obligation; it doesn’t work. So, I keep my list in my head, and most often turn happily to something that seems just right at the time. Mostly. I AM making this my summer of FMQ. Mostly. 🙂 I see you have Painter’s Palette 1. That one really interests me. Happy to see you engaging with quilt-y friends in the Gridster Bee. You’ve been doing monthly blocks for a long time now.

  3. My “list” is so subject to altering these days that I, too, have decided to save a tree and keep the tally in my head. I have made a self-promise/goal to use only(?) my stash for projects this summer/year. Earlier (last winter) it really hit me how large my stash is and it was truly overwhelming!! But….it’s so satisfying to look at finished projects that have come out of this self-challenge. My next post will be such a “reveal”.
    LUV those stars! And the signature piece is sweet. Your forward momentum always amazes me!!! Sending hugs from a (finally warming) sunny southeast Minnesota, USA!!!!!

  4. I LOVE the stars, Elizabeth! It is going to be such an exciting month. Your list is so creatively done. I don’t dare make a list as it would completely frustrate me.

  5. Ahhh! Is it June already? I was too busy patting myself on the back for getting the May block done to notice. And then, I just remembered that I didn’t send a signature block. At least this time I know I never actually made it so I won’t waste time looking. Uh…your post was enlightening, shall I say? My mommy brain is rot. I did have a success today in finding a garage sale machine for Bryce for $10. It’s a basic Brother and runs just fine. Now if I can convince him to use a fabric other than minky.

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