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Quilt Market • Salt Lake City (3)


This quilt is called Over and Down Under, and is simply lovely.  I want to make twenty.  But this was a typical sort of sight and I’m afraid a typical sort of reaction from me.

QMarket_Beach Quilt

And another.  This came out last year, but to see it in person was really fun.  And thanks to you all for leaving me comments and for entering our giveaway.  The Husband Random Name Generator picked Mary of Lake Pulaski for the Elea Lutz book and Cathy C. for the Stashbusters book. (I’ll be in touch with you both by email.)  Actually I wanted to pick you all, so the next giveaway is on June 2nd.  And by the way, I’m working through all the comments where you asked me a specific question.  Thanks for your patience.  Now we continue. . .


But I also get giddy when I see Alison Glass’ fabrics, as they are lush and rich and saturated.  These next few pictures are from Andover’s booths.  Today’s post is the last  of the business side of Quilt Market, before we break for an Oh Christmas Tree post on June 2nd.  Then I’ll return to show you the beautiful quilts exhibited in the center of Market, award-winning quilts from Houston.  Then we’re done with my lovely tumble down Alice’s — Quilt Market’s — rabbit hole.QMarket3_Andover2 QMarket3_Andover3 QMarket3_Andover4 QMarket3_Andover5 QMarket3_Andover6


Near the Andover gang is the Art Gallery gang.  Above are the ordering tables, and now we’ll stroll through the quilt fabric designers’ booths.

QMarket3_ArtGallery1 QMarket3_ArtGallery2 QMarket3_ArtGallery3

Maureen Cracknell in front of her new collection.QMarket3_ArtGallery4 QMarket3_ArtGallery6 QMarket3_ArtGallery7 QMarket3_ArtGallery8 QMarket3_ArtGallery9 QMarket3_ArtGallery9Makers

This is a collection of pillows, using fabrics from all the Art Gallery Collections.QMarket3_ArtGallery10 QMarket3_ArtGallery11

Exquisitely quilted little piece of deliousness in Bonnie Christine’s booth.


Cotton & Steel’s newest collection from Rifle Paper Company.  Their booth won first place at Quilt Market–for design, I suppose, because it was so lovely.  Here are some photos:QMarket3_CS2 QMarket3_CS3 QMarket3_CS4 QMarket3_CS5 QMarket3_CS6

There’s that first place ribbon.QMarket3_CS7

Such a teensy little sample!QMarket3_CS8


I hunted down Lecien’s booth because of this:QMarket3_Lecien2

This is Semaphore, Cindy Wiens’ quilt using my design, and it has been around the world, landing here for one more stop.  Cindy did a terrific job.  Mine is in the works; pattern coming soon.


I have no idea whose booth this was, but check out those chairs!  Those colors!  Wow!


Windham Fabrics was another favorite stop, and I did stop at their Pop-Up Shop before leaving on Saturday to pick up a few things.  As I noted before, there was very little for sale on the floor; this was one place you could buy something.

Felice Regina’s new collection Luna Sol (sorry I caught her with her eyes closed!)QMarket3_Windham3 QMarket3_Windham3a

Check out these hexies from Yellow Creek Quilt Designs–amazing.

Marcia Derse and her new collection, Studio Alphabet.


This is the corner for the new fabrics from Janine Vangool (of Uppercase Fame), inspired by designs from her magazine.  (She gave me two magazines and a skinny pack of charm squares to use in a giveaway–coming soon!)QMarket3_Windham6 QMarket3_Windham7

Natalie Barnes’ new collection Hand Maker.


How many ways can I photograph this display from RJR?  Apparently, after looking at my photos, a multitude of ways.QMarket3_RJR2

RJReynolds is the parent company of many fabrics, most notably, Cotton & Steel.QMarket3_RB5

I hunted all over for this quilt for SloStudio, the colorful confetti-style quilt in the center, and found it at Riley Blake; I posted it up on IG, and kept looking around.  I apologize if I don’t have the names of the makers–the tables for the buyers were snugged up to some quilts and I didn’t want to interrupt the business of quilting. All the following photos were from Riley Blake’s booths.  You should also know they had the most amazing mint chocolate truffles, and I sampled one.  Okay, maybe two.QMarket3_RB4 QMarket3_RB6 QMarket3_RB7 QMarket3_RB8

Kimberly Jolly of the Fat Quarter Shop.QMarket3_RB3

Lori Holt, in the green, waiting to sign books.  She had a great booth with all her quilts.

QMarket3_RB2 QMarket3_RB1QMarket_RileyBlakeQuilt

Close-up of the above quilt.  I love how they pieced the squares and fused on the leaves.


Fabri-Quilt had given me my Focus quilt to take home with me, so at the end of that last day, I posed it on the door handle going out and snapped a photo, as kind of a good-bye.  I never ever expected to be here at Quilt Market, and quite frankly, wonder if I’ll be here again.  It was a whirl of creativity, fabrics, colors, people, ideas and experiences.  I’m so glad I was able to come.


(map of convention center, showing Fabri-Quilt’s booth)

14 thoughts on “Quilt Market • Salt Lake City (3)

  1. I loved this post…there were so many areas you photographed that I never even saw. The last photo, though…it made me a bit melancholy. I’m glad you were able to go…and hope you’ll go again!

  2. What a whirlwind of colour, quilts and fabric Elizabeth! Did you have trouble sleeping after three days of all the sensory overload? I love that first quilt too- it would look awesome in brights on white too!

  3. thank you so much for sharing that amazing display of color and creativity! Wow – I am overwhelmed and excited – and i expect you will be there again 🙂

  4. Wonderful post, thank you for sharing! I can only imagine what an incredible experience it is to go to market, so exciting. Your photos almost make me feel I was there!

  5. This seemed like a different show – the fabrics looked brighter – loved the Riley Blake ones – or maybe it was the lighting. Thanks for sharing.

  6. I love these tours by you. Not quite like being there, but close as far as sensory overload. But I can go back and look at your post. This whole things reminds me of the cartoon of the husband and wife on vacation, beautiful scenery, cameras slung around their necks, and she says to him, “I’ll be glad to get home so we can see where we’ve been.”

  7. Such beautiful color and fabrics. Bet it was hard to pick a favorite but one things is for sure I’ll be looking forward to your design that you will be posting in the future. Such an overload of things to see and I bet your brain is saturated with things you want to make for future projects. Thanks for the great posts as you make us feel like we are there with you.

  8. I have thoroughly enjoyed all of your Market posts. Everything is so inspiring and beautiful. Thanks for sharing the whole experience with us. I was lucky enough to go to Houston 3 years ago and found it amazing and overwhelming. I needed a handler. I’m expecting all kinds of wonderful from you now.

  9. So many beautiful designs! I love the one that looks like a compass rose near the beginning, and then near the end the envelopes, heart made of pencils, and spools. I guess I’m liking patterns that lean towards concrete images today. It’s fascinating to see how someone can take a family object and turn it into a work of art.

  10. Elizabeth,
    At Spring Market Lori Holt was signing her books and in the picture you took, a quilt is hanging behind her. I’ve tried searching on line and can’t find it. It has large dot fabric as a background and Dresden plates appliquéd on top. If you have a notion as to where I might research it would be appreciated.
    Thanks, and don’t spend a lot of your precious time on this. I value your time.
    Carol in CT

    Sent from my iPhone


  11. Do you know who made the quilt at the end of the post with the leaves in the sashing? I haven’t seen that before and it’s a great idea.

  12. Quilt Markets looks fun but I know it would be overload for me: too much to take in. Thanks for sharing the photos. We can look as long as we want and notice all the details.

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