Song and Color • Prepping for Four-in-Art Quilt

LaSagradaFamilia_12 LaSagradaFamilia_13

It’s hard to believe that just over two weeks ago, I was sitting in La Sagrada Familia in the center of the nave (they’d roped off the center section to protect it from the crowds), seated quietly, soaking up the colors and sights and sounds that were swirling around me.  Aside from the two gorgeous choir lofts shown here, there are all kinds of stained glass windows, interesting sculptural features, an inspiring Christ under a unique baldacchino.  As I sat there, just under the hub-bub of the tourists milling all around me,  I became aware of choral music.  Strains of it reminded me of Faure’s Requiem.  At other times I thought I could float along on the melody of Ave Maria.  Then I was sure Handel’s Messiah was the melody I was hearing.  It was all very ethereal, a peak Easter experience for me.


The reason why I’m writing about this now, is that our yearly theme for Four-in-Art is Color, and this quarter’s challenge is music.  At first I’d played around with representing a musical score in colors, sort of a sing your way through the rainbow sort of thing.  Or pick out visual elements of music, say a treble clef or bass clef or some sturdy quarter notes, and arrange them, in colorful fabrics, in a composition.

But once I was in La Sagrada Familia, I knew I had to interpret that experience somehow, for it truly was an immersion in color and music.  I’m still working on it, but here are some more photos from that place for you to enjoy.  Our reveal is coming up in three weeks, so I’m actively thinking about it, trying out ideas, trying even harder not to work on a deadline, in order to create something I’m happy with.  See you May 1st for the reveal of our quilts.

LaSagradaFamilia_14 LaSagradaFamilia_15 LaSagradaFamilia_16 LaSagradaFamilia_17 LaSagradaFamilia_18 LaSagradaFamilia_19 LaSagradaFamilia_20

P.S. is my travel blog; it takes me months to write up my trips, so nothing from Spain is over there yet.

13 thoughts on “Song and Color • Prepping for Four-in-Art Quilt

  1. I adore the last posted photo of the organ pipes reflecting the lines of color from the window. It very much reminds me of the lovely bark on the rainbow (or ribbon?) eucalyptus tree. Lovely inspiration regardless of theme.

  2. We must be psychic! Over the weekend I was cleaning up the photos on my phone and found one of a ceiling of a concert hall we went to last year for a concert. I started to think about the musical notes that floated up there and were caught in the cupola! And thought what a cool quilt I could make! So stay tuned for my interpretation… Love your photos! I need to go back and see it without all the scaffold that was there in 2008.

  3. These were some of the best pics of your trip – calming somehow so I can only imagine how it was to actually spend time there, listening. And I just caught the pic with “Elisabeth” – how cool – a dedicated window, you suppose?! And re/the next reveal, I can only offer that blue and white always, always play into my music experiences and I’m still analyzing that one!

  4. I have been there several times and have never had the music experience. Usually I leave with a sore neck from craning upward to get a view of those soaring columns. The light coming thru the stain glass windows is amazing. I can’t wait to see how your project develops.

  5. Your photos are amazing. I would just love to see this basilica sometime.The tie to color and music is so very interesting. It’s a great inspiration for your mini.

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