How to Make a Signature Block (for a Bee)


In two of the bees I’m in, we ask for Signature Blocks to be included with each block we make for each other.  Here’s one of my earlier ones.  I’m writing this post as a tutorial for the newer members of our bees.

There’s been some pretty creative uses of these blocks:

Back of Table Runner

Signature Blocks — image from Susan of Patchwork N Play


Sampler Quilt 2015with SigsI worked them into the front of my Sampler Quilt (in magenta circles), a blatant copying of Carla’s inventiveness in an earlier quilt.

Signature Blocks on Susan’s quilt (Patchwork N Play)

So here’s how:

Signature square_1Start with one 3 1/2″ square (base) and two 2 1/2″ squares (accents).  We generally use the fabric from our blocks.


Snowball them onto two opposite corners.

Signature block sewn cut

Trim off the excess, then press open.

Signature square_2 Signature Square_3

Press a scrap of freezer paper behind the center white band.  Because I have a long name and a long screen name (what I use on Instagram and on my blog), I’ve made a cardboard template that I slide under the signature area.  I like to sign my name, then my screen name, and sneak in a date.  Then last, I put my city and state.
Signature Square_4

I use a size 08 Micron Pigma Pen.  The freezer paper keeps it stable while I write.  Peel off the freezer paper and send the signature block with your beemate’s blocks.

Signature Block Jan

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